XSEDE15: a Summary from an OSG Perspective

In late July, the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) held its annual conference in St Louis, Missouri. This year’s theme was Scientific Advancements Enabled by Enhanced Cyberinfrastructure. Many of the early week activities centered around the efforts of XSEDE to embrace students and its Campus Champion outreach efforts. The plenary session kicked off with an NSF review by Jim Kurose who addressed how to ensure researchers had access to diverse national resources necessary to facilitate discovery. This topic echoed throughout the week with specific examples explained in detail during the parallel sessions.

Of special interest was the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis which factored the cost avoidance and value added to XSEDE resource providers in an attempt to determine the ROI for the national support of the XSEDE project. This analysis was named the best paper at the conclusion of the conference.

Rob Gardner and myself represented OSG. We participated in side sessions which included XSEDE Campus Bridging, OSG Connect, and the ACI-REF programs. These led to exchanges of how each project was attempting to gain foothold with local campus researchers. There was general agreement we would continue to inform each other of successful and unsuccessful approaches. The OSG Galaxy-BLAST project also got time during the Enabling Biology BoF.

XSEDE is going strong and I look forward to next year’s XSEDE16 in Miami with the theme of ‘Diversity, Big Data, & Science at Scale.’

– Rob Quick