Steffen Luitz wins the first High-Throughput Computing Challenge!


The first eveOSG_HTC_medalsr OSG High-Throughput Computing (HTC) Challenge was held at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory on the second day of the April 2014 OSG All-Hands Meeting.

Competitors battled each other to complete a genomics analysis using the application bowtie2 and real genomes. The genomes ranged in size from tiny eukaryotes all the way to the drosophila melanogaster genome of nearly 140 million base pairs. The challengers were instructed to use OSG Connect to run their challenges, but they each constructed their own workflows.

Steffen Luitz won the challenge and took home the gold medal and cup for his home institution, SLAC, completing the challenge hours before the other competitors. Matyas Semeci from the University of Wisconsin-Madison received the silver medal for his creative solution, which took advantage of OSG Connect’s unique features in a novel way. Alden Stradling from the University of Texas at Arlington received the bronze medal.

Will SLAC defend its title and keep the HTC Challenge cup? Tune into the next HTC challenge to find out!

~ Elizabeth Prout