Statement from the Previous OSG Executive Director, Lothar Bauerdick

Dear OSG Colleagues,

I was recently appointed as the U.S. CMS Operations Program Manager, starting on January 1, and thus I have stepped down as OSG executive director.

Following my new appointment, I discussed with the Executive Team (ET) how to transition on a short timescale. The ET recommended for Frank Würthwein to step in as executive director for the remaining duration of my term, until spring 2016. We have also asked Rob Gardner who is currently responsible for the Campus Infrastructure area to join the ET, in order to strengthen the team.

I am leaving the OSG, but will stay connected in my new role in CMS. Being the OSG executive director was a wonderful experience and I feel honored to have worked with you. We have all done very well in delivering value to our science communities, including the LHC and a large number of VOs. OSG is still growing and I feel that we have made good progress in developing our “sharing ecosystem.” Capacity and use of the OSG opportunistic facility has more than tripled since 2011, and we have developed new capabilities to reach across campuses to PIs and research groups in a great variety of scientific communities.

I thank you all very much for your continued support of the Consortium and Project.

~ Lothar Bauerdick