Snowmass update with Dr. Meenakshi Narain

Dr. Meenakshi Narain recently gave us a personal glimpse into the future of her field and the roles of the Open Science Grid (OSG) and the Snowmass group. Professor Narain is co-principal investigator of Brown University’s experimental particle physics group, which played a prominent role in the Higgs boson discovery. She is also one of the conveners of the Snowmass New Particles group. Currently, Narain serves as coordinator of the Fermilab LHC Physics Center (LPC) and as lead for the OSG Snowmass group (which she founded).

The OSG is… creating easier ways for various teams to collaborate and share simulated data. “The OSG brings the community together in a seamless way and helps us forge collaborations,” notes Narain. Instead of duplicating each other’s work, researchers can compare data and models and share common tools. These collaborative efforts will help influence the design of the future detectors at hadron colliders.

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Greg Moore and Sarah Engel