(Re-)Introducing the New OSG Executive Director – Frank Würthwein

Dear OSG Colleagues,

I am honored to be taking over the responsibility of executive director from Lothar Bauerdick. As many of you know, I have a long history of participation in OSG – being the first council chair at the creation of the Consortium ten years ago. Since then I have enjoyed working with many of you via a variety of fora, some of which are listed below:

My vision for OSG, expressed in council meetings and at the mid-term OSG review last August, revolves around the power of sharing: sharing resources through an Open Facility; sharing software through an Open Software Stack; and sharing knowledge through an Open Ecosystem. And all this in order to benefit science in the broadest possible way – through support for a diverse range of scientific disciplines and the resulting diversity in scale of computing needs.

In addition, my priorities for 2015 are to work with the Executive Team and council on planning for the longer-term future of OSG; to provide excellent support for the start of Run 2 of the LHC; to increase participation of DOE Office of Science High Energy Physics science other than LHC; and to increase the participation of science other than particle physics.

I also very much welcome Rob Gardner’s appointment as a new member of the Executive Team to replace Lothar as he transitions from this group; Rob has a long history of excellence in his contributions to OSG from its initial creation.  His responsibilities as Area Coordinator of the Campus Infrastructure are a key component of the current work of the project.

Also, I wish Lothar well in his new position and look forward to his continued contributions to the principles and progress of the OSG.

And finally, I look forward to a productive continuation of my involvement in OSG in my new, exciting, role as executive director.

~ Frank Würthwein