OSG Transatlantic Operational Relations

OSG has always had a strong relationship with the European-based CERN and the LHC projects. However, relationships with other transatlantic researchers looking to utilize both European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and OSG resources were handled independently by each infrastructure. To ease the interoperation cost of these Virtual Organizations (VOs), OSG has recently entered an operational Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) with EGI.

“EGI is one of the world’s largest digital infrastructures,” said Catherine Gater, EGI’s deputy director, “ to create a truly integrated global research infrastructure we need global collaboration and this agreement with OSG is a large part of that.”

Rob Quick, OSG operations coordinator  said “We’ve worked closely with EGI for several years, mostly focusing on the needs of LHC stakeholders. As more transatlantic collaborators reach out to both EGI and OSG, we will benefit from documented procedures to provide infrastructure support to these international VOs. Setting up formal communication paths, interoperation expectations, and support mechanisms to best serve these collaborators can only strengthen the capabilities of both EGI and OSG.”

Other transatlantic VOs include: eNMR, XENON, GEANT4 and Auger.

The EGI/ OSG Interoperations Memorandum of Understanding document is available at https://osg-docdb.opensciencegrid.org:440/cgi-bin/ShowDocument?docid=1171.

 ~Rob Quick