OSG Year-end Operations Update

2015 proved to be an exciting year for the Open Science Grid Operations Center team and the OSG in general. A milestone of one billion CPU hours delivered (last 12 months) was reached in the final month of 2015. Additionally, 100 million hours per month was exceeded for the first time in November and an average load of 100,000 cores reached in March. Many things and many people are responsible for these achievements including the contributions of the resource providers and the user support, software, technology and operations teams.


from: http://display.grid.iu.edu/

Some highlights from the operations team include the addition of three new services: a centralized accounting reporter in March, the StashCache global file system in August and the central PerfSonar data store in September. The Operations Group collaborates with technology and networking to provide these services. StashCache complements the Oasis service in that it is optimized to deliver large files and PerfSonar allows diagnosis and visualization of network performance. These are in addition to the more than 20 existing services operated with an overall availability exceeding 99%, a figure better understood as a downtime of less than two hours per week including both scheduled and unscheduled outages.

Without support for the users, Resources and Services are of little value. The GOC support team uses a trouble ticket system to track and resolve issues raised by the users of the OSG. More than 4,300 individual tickets were handled in 2015 corresponding to a rate of over 80 per week. The OSG information management service (OIM) provides a mechanism for users to obtain the x509 certificates required to use the OSG. Over 1,000 users were issued certificates via this mechanism in 2015 along with many routine certificate renewals.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of a long term member of the team, Soichi Hayashi. Soichi began his transition to other duties at Indiana University moving to 50% FTE for the OSG. Sarah Schmiechen will be becoming increasingly visible as we move into our next year of record setting production levels in 2016.

– Scott Teige