OSG Council October Meeting report

The OSG Council held its quarterly meeting at the National Weather Center (NWC) at the University of Oklahoma on Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 October. The NWC is a very interesting and stimulating venue – I recommend it to you for a visit and tour if you are anywhere in the area. Henry Neeman, director of the OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER), attended much of our meeting and brought new ideas and perspectives to our thinking. Thank you to him and to Horst Severini, associate director for Remote and Heterogeneous Computing at OSCER, for hosting the meeting.

The agenda included discussions with the OSG project as well as with our partners. These discussions are starting to set the stage for our future thinking, ideas for where OSG might focus and the path the Consortium might take once we have support and operations well in place for the upcoming LHC Run 2 and in preparation for a significant increase in the LHC experiments’ computing and data throughput needs.

Our increasing focus on enabling campus researchers to easily use all available resources locally and to transparently use the full distributed, diverse remote resources through the OSG facility was recognized through the discussions of OSG Campus Infrastructures and the partnership approach to the new Advanced CyberInfrastructure – Research and Educational Facilitation’s (ACI REF) Consortium. We also heard the latest results from our computer science satellite, dV/dt, researching future methods and practices needed by our infrastructure as it continues to scale in size and diversity.

The presentations and action items from the meeting are available here.

~ Ruth Pordes, OSG Council Chair