OSG Council Meeting Report: January

At the OSG Council meeting in January, we endorsed the transition in executive director between Lothar Bauerdick and Frank Würthwein, two of the original founders of the OSG, as well as the addition of Rob Gardner, another leading contributor from the beginning, to the executive team. The Council much appreciates the contributions of all these individuals and their long-standing and continued engagement with the work of the Consortium and Project.

And, indeed, this summer is the 10th anniversary of the OSG ribbon cutting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2005!

The OSG Consortium vision was fashioned back then and recorded in the bylaws that have guided our program over the years. And as the years have passed, we have added not only accomplishments but new goals. The use of opportunistic computing has significantly increased over the past couple of years, due to the contributions of the resource owners.  Further acknowledgement of the importance of this aspect of the OSG can be seen from the appointment of a “Production Analyst” in the project, and the increased focus on it from User Support.

All this has culminated in a proposal from the project to add a sentence to the bylaws to reflect this principle and endorsement of this by the Council last week. To wit

Consortium members recognize that the OSG is a sharing ecosystem and strive to maximize the sharing of computing resources, software, and other assets to enable science.


We look forward to the next decade based on this articulation of our ecosystem to the service of science.

~ Ruth Pordes
OSG Council Chair