OSG “Connecting” at SC13

Duke CI Connect~Rob Gardner

At this year’s Supercomputing conference in Denver we rolled out OSG’s newest campus grid, “Duke CI Connect.” The effort was a joint initiative of the OSG Campus Grids team, the Scalable Computing Support Center (SCSC) at Duke University led by Tom Millege, and the University of Chicago CI Connect team.  Following the “pattern” established by OSG Connect, the Duke CI Connect service offers a campus grid hybrid: a platform joining the Duke Grid (a campus HTCondor pool), the opportunistic cycles of the Open Science Grid, and, through a campus bridging partnership, the University of Chicago’s campus grid UC3.  Access to the service is controlled locally by the SCSC support center and allows Duke researchers to use local campus resources as before, but adds distributed HTC resources from the OSG and UC3 within the same (local) job environment. Preliminary testing during the SC13 conference demonstrated the ability to quickly and repeatedly process 10,000 15-minute jobs spread over the two campus grids and the distributed sites of OSG infrastructure using the OSG VO, thus realizing the benefit of shared distributed resources.  A number of Duke researchers have established Projects in OSG’s information service (OIM) for their work and will begin using the service soon.