OSG CIC webcast on Galaxy-based BLAST submission to OSG

Rob Quick

A recording of the OSG Campus Infrastructues Series (CIC) webcast on Galaxy-based BLAST submission to OSG is now available via the following link.

In an attempt to join Indiana University bioinformatics researchers to compute resources provided by the Open Science Grid, the National Center for Genomic Analysis Support (NCGAS) along with Indiana University’s High Throughput Computing (HTC) group have engineered a method to use the Galaxy web-based user interface to submit BLAST jobs. BLAST jobs make a significant portion of the research conducted on NCGAS resources, moving jobs that are conducive to an HTC environment to the OSG would alleviate load on resources at NCGAS. We have brought together expertise from both areas to address how a bioinformatics researcher using there normal interface, Galaxy, can seamlessly access the OSG. We will have a live demo, along with covering details of how we’ve gone about porting this to a HTC environment.

Intended Audience

Campus and high throughput researchers.

About the Presenter

Rob Quick has been the OSG Operations Area Coordinator since 2006. His group is responsible for maintaining reliable operation of OSG services including MyOSG, OIM, BDII, WMS GlideIn Factories, and the ticketing & notification systems. He manages the “CSIU” campus grid virtual organization which helps Indiana University researchers effectively connect to distributed campus and national cyberinfrastructures. He also heads the High Throughput Computing section of the Indiana University Research Technologies division and manages the operational activities for the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP).

About the OSG CIC

The OSG CIC is an open forum to share knowledge, expertise, tools and best practices for creating distributed high throughput computing infrastructures while enabling applications and research communities that use them. All are welcome to attend.