OSG Application and Software Installation Service (OASIS) Interoperability

~Scott Teige

In April 2013 a new Grid Operations Center–operated OSG service, the OSG Application and Software Installation Service (OASIS), became operational. The service provides virtual organizations (VOs) of the OSG with a single repository for their applications that is visible at compute resources across the OSG.

Similar services exist for other grid infrastructures, the European Grid Infrastructure in particular. Since there are VOs that participate in the OSG and these other infrastructures, the need for interoperability between these related services is clear.

To accomplish this, the far repositories are monitored for changes and OASIS updated as appropriate. Of course, this only works when the far repository is the primary. In addition, several multi-infrastructure VOs are using repositories hosted by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. Interoperation when these repositories are the primary is under active discussion.

Full implementation of OASIS with the e-NMR (WeNMR in Europe) VO, currently actively using OSG resources, has been completed.

The work of Jose Caballero, John Hover and Catalin Condurache is gratefully acknowledged.