Opening an OSG Network Support Ticket

If you need to open an OSG networking support ticket there are some details that may help expedite the process that you can include in the initial ticket.

  1. Preface the subject line with Networking:  and optionally include one of the following keywords: Network Tuning/Optimization,  Troubleshooting, perfSONAR Deployment or Site Network Consultation by including one or more of this in the subject line, e.g., Networking: Network Tuning/Optimization and perfSONAR Deployment at site <MySiteName>
  2. Let us know if you already have perfSONAR Toolkit instances deployed and provide their web URLs, e.g.,
  3. Include a brief summary of the problem or issue you want to consult on
  4. Optional:  If you have existing network diagrams, problem tickets or additional details, please add them to the ticket.

You can get further information and open a ticket from