New Release of the pS Performance Toolkit

On June 13, 2013 the perfSONAR-PS project released a new version of the pS Performance Toolkit–version 3.3.¬†perfSONAR-PS network measurement and monitoring software works to validate network performance and user’s network performance expectations between data transfer endpoints. This software also provides diagnostic utilities that are useful for troubleshooting problems that can hinder network performance on an ‘end-to-end’ basis.

perfSONAR-PS has a long history of collaborating with the Open Science Grid; initial versions of several tools have been available in the VDT software distribution for a number of years.¬† Members of the LHC experiments, specifically ATLAS and CMS, have adopted perfSONAR-PS as their primary form of network monitoring and have invested time and resources to develop visualization and analysis tools that can consume the output of perfSONAR-PS. ¬†perfSONAR-PS’s regular network test results allow scientists to know what the network is capable of, and when the end hosts or disks might be a bottleneck.

This release comprises nearly a year’s worth of effort to add additional functionality, correct software flaws, and create useful documentation in accordance with the requirements of the research and education community.

Please visit the project website for more information at:

perfSONAR-PS is a consortium of partners including ESnet, Fermilab, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, Internet2, SLAC, and The University of Delaware.

~The perfSONAR-PS Project