March/April 2014: Record Number of CPU Hours Delivered by the OSG

During the four weeks beginning March 20, 2014, the OSG delivered an average of 17.1 million CPU hours per week. The first three weeks were all-time records for hours delivered, with a peak week (Apr/3-10) of 17.790 million CPU hours.

The peak week was characterized by unusually large usage by non-LHC Virtual Organizations (VOs). In particular, the OSG and GlueX VOs consumed 2.4 and 1.5 million hours, respectively.

The OSG VO serves a large variety of researchers engaged in activities from drug discovery to image analysis. Additionally, the OSG VO serves XSEDE users approved for OSG use, allowing OSG to become an XSEDE resource provider.

GlueX (Gluonic eXitations) is a nuclear physics experiment which will run at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility with the intention of observing (or ruling out) forms of matter exhibiting gluonic degrees of freedom. 94% of the CPU delivered to GlueX was “opportunistic” use, run on resources not owned by the members of the VO. Put another way, the compute capacity delivered was a factor of 20 larger than what would have been available otherwise.

~ Scott Teige