I think there is something wrong with the network; what do I do?

When problems arise in complex, distributed scientific infrastructures they can be very difficult to diagnose.  Often “the network” is blamed, in part because its details are invisible to most end-users and not well understood.  OSG can help users, sites and organizations to better identify, understand and localize network problems or to even rule-out the network as being the cause of the problem.

Standard practice for network problem resolution is that the user who identifies a network problem should initiate a ticket with their local network support unit who then is responsible for working with regional, national and international networks along the problematic path to find and fix the problem.   OSG is happy to help to make this process quicker and more effective by providing specific metrics and analysis which indicate both the type of network problem and its possible location.   If you want help debugging a potential network problem please open a support ticket with the GOC.