Happy New Year from Ruth Pordes, OSG Council Chair

~Ruth Pordes
OSG Council Chair

Dear OSG Colleagues,

2013 was another productive and energetic year for the OSG.

We have maintained and improved the production infrastructure. We have continued or started many initiatives, including working on identity management with the OSG Certificate Authority and simplifying identity usage for job execution; increasing usage by XSEDE, campus communities and other individual researchers of opportunistic resources; and supporting shared storage for small communities. We have simplified and improved local and remote access for campus researchers; refined the software release and testing; deployed a better distribution service; delivered a centralized network monitoring and repository service using PerfSonar; organized support for Galaxy-based applications; detailed thinking and work for extending access to High Performance Computing, Cloud and other resources through provisioning capabilities; and maintained relationships with scientific communities, satellites and partners, and new cyberinfrastructure and scientific initiatives.

We welcomed new staff on the project, increased the effectiveness of the area-based activities, and sustained the blueprint and future technology roadmap. We welcomed new active members of the Council and through Council engagement identified some significant action items we are following up on.

I wish each of you a Happy and Healthy 2014 and look forward to us all continuing to work productively together on the successful application of our shared vision.