From “The next step for Bosco: BoscoR”

With the 1.1 release of Bosco in January, the Bosco team finally had a usable product for researchers. It didn’t have the best usability, but it was a solid tool to build on. When planning the next release, 1.2, we determined that we would not include many new features and instead focus on usability. With that focus, we interviewed researchers and looked around at our colleagues to see how most researchers interacted with their data on a daily basis, which was not with Condor or Bosco. Researchers used applications such as Matlab, Galaxy, or R. After investigating the options, we determined that R would be a great first application to integrate with Bosco. It is open source, has a strong community, and most importantly, it is heavily used by the researchers around us. Read More

~Derek Weitzel