Fall HEPiX 2014 a success at Nebraska

The High Energy Physics IT Information Exchange (HEPiX) is a twice-yearly meeting of system administrators, engineers and managers within the HEP ecosystem. The meeting is an excellent place to learn about the state-of-the-practice in managing computing facilities and environments, especially for HEP sites (which tend have a large overlap with OSG sites). Traditional U.S. participants have been Department of Energy laboratories, but there is an increasing emphasis on including universities.

During fall 2014, the meeting was hosted in Lincoln, Nebraska, by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Holland Computing Center.  There were 93 participants, from 45 different international sites.  Over the course of the week, there were 60 presentations in eight different tracks, covering diverse topics such as storage, networking, security, virtualization, batch systems and grid computing.  The presentations often complement what you see at the OSG All-Hands Meeting: instead of focusing on users or middleware, the focus is on the site fabric.  For those interested, the presentations are still available here.

The local organizers would like to thank all those who participated in HEPiX in Nebraska; we look forward to seeing many of you again at HEPiX Spring 2015 at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

~ Brian Bockelman