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To get started using OSG, for OSG support, operational issues

Phone: +1 (317) 278 9699

For OSG policies, executive information

Email  Frank Würthwein (OSG Executive Director)

Mailing Lists: Please refer to the table below.


List Name Links Primary Purpose and/or Audience Replicated at GOC (in progress)
Security and Support
OSG-General A J Community support for OSG members, administrators and users Y
OSG-RA A J OSG Registration Authority Y
OSG-TWiki Twiki-related issues, problems and requests N
OSG-Webmaster A J Communications issues Y
BOSCO-Discuss A J BOSCO support and discussion N
OSG-education Communications to the Education team N
OSG-EDU-announce Announcements of Education Events N
System Administrator Lists
OSG-Sites A J Site administrator support, discussions and exchange Y
OSG-INT A J Discussion and coordination of software integration activity N
General Communications
OSG A J General OSG discussion. Newsletter distribution list. Receives notifications of training workshops and other community activities. Y
OSG-Operations A J Operations activities. Receives notifications also present in the operations blog. Y
OSG-VO-Forum A J Representatives of all Virtual Organizations in OSG
Management and activity coordination lists N
OSG-Accounting A J OSG Accounting Team N
OSG-Accounting-Info A J Daily, weekly, monthly accounting reports. An important tool for reliability metrics and site usage. N
CampusGrids A J Discussion and coordination for the Campus Grids activity N
BOSCO-Devel A J Internal list for BOSCO developers N
OSG-Docs A J OSG Documentation Team N
OSG-Software OSG Software Team Y



Register, unsubscribe and view lists

To subscribe to a list, send an email to with subscribe listname firstname lastname in the body of the email. For example, if John Smith wanted to subscribe to OSG-General, he would send an email that looked like this:


To :
Subject : (can be left blank)
----- Message Text -----
subscribe OSG-General John Smith 


To unsubscribe from a list, send an email to with signoff listname in the body of the email. For example, to unsubscribe from OSG-Int, one would use the command “signoff OSG-INT” in the body of the message.


To find out information about a list send email to with “review xxx” (without “) where xxx is the listname as the body.


Here is an achive of all mailing lists at Fermilab. To view a ListServ archive with all the messages in a list, go to, where “listname” is the name of mailing list, e.g.


To find out all public lists send email to with “lists” in the body.





How to Request a New Mailing List


There is a Request Mailing List Form:
Note that the same form is used to request mailing lists for and


The following are steps to follow when creating a mailing list: