Addition to the OSG bylaws

One of the core missions of the Open Science Grid is increasing access to distributed high-throughput computing (DHTC) to US-funded researchers. This mission is accomplished, in part, through making opportunistic computing cycles (cycles that might otherwise remain idle) available to users other than site owners. To acknowledge the importance of this aspect of the OSG, the OSG Council unanimously endorsed an addendum to the OSG bylaws stating, “Consortium members recognize that the OSG is a sharing ecosystem and strive to maximize the sharing of computing resources, software, and other assets to enable science.”

A document outlining recommendations for site owners to approach this principle was also made available to the OSG community. This document describes three tiers of users in decreasing priority for a site and suggests that available computing cycles at a site are made available to at least one of these tiers at all times. The newly formed OSG Production Support group will be working with sites to help implement sharing techniques that work best for their local goals and integrate well with the overall opportunistic ecosystem.

~ Bodhitha Jayatilaka