A belated welcome to OSG staff member Marian Zvada

Marian Zvada_picThe OSG team at the Holland Computing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (HCC-UNL) is happy to (belatedly) introduce Marian Zvada, who has worked 50% with OSG Software and Technology since last year.

Prior to working at HCC-UNL, Marian worked at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, supporting the CMS experiment as site manager of the largest Tier-1 center of the LHC computing grid. He also worked at Fermilab in the Computing Division as a guest scientist supporting the CDF experiment in 2007-2009. Since 2003 he has held a master’s degree in cybernetics and artificial intelligence from the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia.

As a member of the OSG Investigation Team, Marian deals mostly with newly introduced methods connecting complex existing software systems into larger workflows for automated use (e.g. HTCondor-CE). He diagnoses and solves a variety of systems integration and other computing problems, and monitors systems and workflows in production to make sure they are running as expected. Further, he helps site managers by troubleshooting and supporting software systems while deploying OSG packages within sites’ infrastructures.